1960 -1969

Twist and Shout

Everything changed. The decade of the 1960s witnessed the beginning significant alterations in American society. The conformity, and relative innocence of the 1950s gave way under the pressures associated with members of the Baby Boom generation entering young adulthood. These young adults were growing up with freedoms and a level of prosperity that contrasted dramatically with the lives of their parents who knew want and the uncertainties of war as adolescents and young adults. As teen culture became stronger, the term “Youthquake” came to mean the power of young people and was taken up in the world of fashion appearing in magazines such as Vogue under Diana Vreeland. Teenagers during this period had more time to enjoy their youth, and the freedom to create their own culture separate from their parents. These “Baby Boomers” had unprecedented buying power and corporate America was ready to capitalize on the opportunities it presented. Independent tastes in clothing and especially music began to chip away at social and racial barriers. The generational divide widened as the decade progressed and continued into the 1970s.

Developed by Guest Curator, James Hanley

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