2019 Annual Report

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The Bryan Museum

Dear Friends,

Thanks to your steadfast support, The Bryan Museum has claimed an important role in preserving and showcasing the dynamic history of Texas and the American West. 2019 was a tremendous year of growth and accomplishment for the Museum. Membership and attendance doubled, programming expanded exponentially, and our exhibitions earned increasing recognition for exhibiting our storied past. With our incomparable collection, the Museum is blazing a new trail in education, telling the amazing, high adventure stories of the diverse men and women who came before, and inspiring new generations of adults and students. 2019 also saw the expansion of the collection both through targeted purchases and donations of scores of rare and unique objects including the only remaining original Borden Map of the City of Houston.

Education remains our primary commitment and has always been at the heart of what we do. Our visitors journey back in time, not to relive the past but to gain inspiration, perspective, and understanding about themselves and the future. Last year, the Museum presented a wide range of programs, community festivals, workshops, and musical performances. We honored noted Texas author, Stephen Harrigan with our Distinguished Speaker Award and hosted special speakers whose topics included cowboy culture, battlefield archeology, the privateer Jean Lafitte, Emperor Maximillian, Sam Houston, and much more. In addition, drop in visitors were greeted with gallery demonstrations nearly every weekend of the year. Each of these events helped bring history alive in new and unexpected ways.

While last year was a year of significant growth and major accomplishments, 2020 poses unexpected challenges. We have become a leaner and more nimble organization, delivering new programs through the use of technology and social media. With your help, the Museum will continue to play a vital role in education because it is through history that we understand the whole of everything and the importance of our connection to place and to one another. We are deeply grateful for your continued support! We hope you will remain an integral part of The Bryan Museum family and please enjoy our 2019 Annual Report.