Old 300 Spotlight: Claire Reiswerg

The Bryan Museum is honored and delighted to have attained one hundred Old 300 memberships during our five years of existence. Through their membership, this esteemed group of people have emphasized the critical need to preserve, promote, and make relevant our shared history now and for generations to come, while benefitting from the many perks this level of membership offers. Here is the story of one Old 300 member:

Proud to be born and bred on Galveston Island (Brenda) Claire Reiswerg returned to Galveston in 2003, relocating from Los Angeles where she had worked as a documentary television producer for over 20 years. She joined Sand `N Sea Properties, her family’s real estate and vacation rental management company in 2004, managing technology and marketing. Today, she serves as Vice President and Broker, and manages administration, marketing and technology, and real estate sales.

Over the years, Claire has served on many community boards and committees focusing on tourism, vacation rentals and real estate. Some of her work includes: Board Member, Vision Galveston; Founding member and president, Galveston Association of Vacation Rental Managers (GARM); Founding Member, BMAC (Beach Maintenance Advisory Committee) Board Member, Galveston Hotel & Lodging Association (GHLA); Member, Tourism Development Advisory Committee (TDAC); Member, Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA ) Leadership Committee; Member VRMA National Advocacy Committee; Board member, Galveston Chamber of Commerce.

Claire states; “When I was a teenager, I volunteered at the Galveston Orphan’s Home, taking kids out for afternoon activities.  Never did I imagine that a man named JP Bryan would come along and turn this building into the magnificent gem it is today – not just the Museum, but also the building and the grounds.  I am grateful that we have this amazing community resource and gathering place, and I’m proud to be an Old 300 lifetime member.”  The Bryan Museum is proud and grateful to have Claire as part of our family of extraordinary advocates and treasured friends!