Staff Spotlight: Cynthia Wills

Today we are introducing one of our own staff members, Cynthia Wills, who works at the Front Desk and is the first smiling face at The Bryan Museum for many of our weekend visitors. Cynthia is not only a valued employee, she is also a volunteer, patron, donor, and friend of the Museum who shows her passion for our mission every day.

Cynthia spent her early years in a North Carolina farming community before heading to college and then married in a large NC city.  Life then brought her a major adventure – living in the Middle East and the Mediterranean for 5 years with her husband and 2 sons. It was a challenge and many life lessons were learned according to Cynthia. Then came Texas and her heart found a home!

“I love the history that tells of men and women surviving and thriving in the American West, refusing to bow to tyranny, challenging an enemy with “Come and Take It!” and modeling a spirit of freedom, independence, and personal responsibility! Now that I am semi-retired, I am privileged to be working at The Bryan Museum where I am surrounded by an amazing collection of artifacts and art that shows Texas history to our visitors! The best part of working the Front Desk is having guests come by after their visit to say, this is awesome – I never imagined all this was here and I learned so much!”

We think Cynthia is pretty awesome too and are proud to call her one of The Bryan Museum family!