Family Treasures

This dictionary was the property of and used by Stephen F. Austin …(illegible)  his sister Emily, has been willed to and used by Guy M. Bryan.

– Signed: S. F. Austin.

This inscription, inside an 1828 dictionary belonging to Stephen F. Austin, will soon be on display as part of the Texas Frontier Exhibit, along with other family treasures recently gifted to the Museum’s collection. Hally Bryan Clements, great granddaughter of Emily Austin’s son Guy Morrison Bryan, visited the Museum on July 29th. She was warmly welcomed by her third cousin, J.P. Bryan, and presented to him several family treasures to be added to the Austin family story told here at the Museum. Other items included in the gift were two cameos, one of a young Emily Austin, and one of a young James Perry, Emily’s second husband; a silver tea set; and other items which belonged to “Aunt Hally”, sister to Hally’s grandfather and a co-founder of The Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Hally Ballinger Bryan Perry (1868 – 1955) was a notable figure in her own right, serving in many areas including The State Library Historical Commission and The Texas State Historical Association.

July 29th, 2021 was an afternoon of family reminiscences and admiration for these priceless pieces of Texas history. We are grateful to Hally Bryan Clements for sharing the Austin/Bryan family legacy with the greater community through The Bryan Museum.