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Museum Staff Directory

Joan Marshall






Joan Marshall
Museum Director

Phone: (409) 632-7686

Favorite artifact: The Line Rider, an oil painting by Charles M. Russell dated 1889. It makes me shiver just to look at this painting of a lone cowboy on his horse in the middle of a snowstorm on the Great Plains. I grew up in Ft. Worth looking at the great collection of Russells at the Amon Carter Museum – he’s still one of my favorites.

Mary Lou Hollender
Director of Development 

Phone: (409) 220-3223

Favorite artifact: I love the Onderdonk still life painting of the smashed ripe watermelon and bees because it is so real that you can tell how sweet and juicy the fruit is and hear the bees buzzing when you look at it. The light is soft and inviting, the colors vibrant, and the sultry summertime ambiance surrounds the viewer.

Peter Ochoa

Peter Ochoa
Director of Events 

Phone: (409) 220-3021

Favorite artifact: I love the Jeweled Ames Sword presented to Capt. Allen Lowd in 1846. It’s embellished with a Sapphire on the handle and a large Amethyst on the tip of the handle (my birthstone). I also love the 1920’s sombrero with the embroidered Indian profile.

Tony Alves

Tony Alves
Director of Marketing and Membership

Phone: (409) 497-4209

Favorite artifact:  Do I have to pick only one?  I’ll narrow it down to two objects.  My first time coming to The Bryan, I was mesmerized by the Battle of San Jacinto diorama.  The amount of detail and intricacy is very impressive.  I could only imagine how long it took to build.  My second favorite has to be the sword that captured Santa Anna.  Sometimes when I’m walking through the galleries I hear a museum visitor gasp for a second not knowing that we have the sword in our collection.

Rebecca Diaz-Arrastia
Director of Volunteers and Guest Services 

Phone: (409) 220-3218

Favorite artifact: The Escudo de Monja because they are beautiful examples of 18th century Spanish art and are interesting in that they represent women in art and in the church.

Wardah Ajaz
Marketing Manager 

Phone: (409) 220-3255

Favorite artifact: The Mother-of-Pearl Chest that carried a Spanish Royal Grant for California lands. The history behind the chest is fascinating and the chest is covered with mother-of-pearl and the borders are tortoise shell!

Dallas Bean
Financial Controller 

Phone: (409) 220-3465

Favorite artifact: The Tom Lea sketch in the Texas Masters Gallery that was used to design the etched bowl displayed with it. The sketch shows an example of the work and planning that goes behind art as we see it in its final form.


Brooke Dennis-Lister
Development and Membership Associate

Phone: (409) 497-4614

Favorite artifact: Santa Anna’s Command Book The Texas Revolution is one of my favorites from history, and Santa Anna was a big reason why we not only fought for independence but won our independence. The book is in Spanish, the handwriting is so neat, and it covers the time period of the Battle of the Alamo, leading up to the Battle of San Jacinto.

Davis Thomas

David Thomas
Collections Manager and Registrar

Phone: (409) 632-7687

His passion: The Bryan Museum provides an intriguing and accessible means of educating people about history. People who know their history are engaged, concerned citizens, capable of critical thinking and willing to confront complex ideas and find solutions to difficult issues.

Rocky Herrin
Facilities and Asset Protection Director

Phone: (409) 220-3090

Favorite artifact: The three Andy Warhol paintings. My wife and I love his approach to pop culture.

Evelyn Bueno

Evelyn Bueno
Collections Assistant

Phone: (409) 632-7687

Favorite artifact: The Battle of San Jacinto diorama because it shows one of the most important battles fought by the Mexican Army and American Army. This battle dictated the victory and the independence of Texas.


Mitzy Barringer


Her passion: My work of creating a beautiful, nurturing, peaceful landscape is my passion for the Museum. I hope that the gardens are a visual invitation to take a tour inside the Museum to which I’m sure the visitors will be amazed.

Jana Garcia
Retail Manager

Phone: (409) 220-3025

Favorite artifact: I think my favorite thing in the museum is the fireplace in the lobby. I love all the craftsmanship and character it displays. Outside I love the beautiful grounds thanks to Mitzy.

Cynthia Wills
Guest Services 

Phone: (409) 632-3020

Favorite artifact: I like Albert Bierstadt’s Last of the Buffalo because it is a very powerful image of the landscape and mystique of the Old West.

Kate Gray

Phone: (409) 632-7685

Favorite artifact: Mission Bell in the Spanish Colonial Gallery – the beautiful tone creates the hushed atmosphere of the missions. It engages your hearing – one additional sense. And it comes as a bit of a surprise as you walk around.

Deepa Madhavan
Payroll & Human Resources 

Phone: (713) 753-1427

Favorite artifact: Frank Raugh’s “Longhorn Overlooking Canyon.” I love the calming colors, and it was previously in our Torch offices (The Visions of the West Collection) for the employees to enjoy.

Kelly Peltier
Museum Store Associate 

Phone: (409) 632-3025

Her passion: The visitors at The Bryan Museum!  We have guests from all over the world appreciating Texas history and art.  The Bryan Museum gives us all inspiration to “aspire to inspire before we expire”.