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Author Spotlight Series: Jim Hodges

November 21 @ 4:00 pm 6:00 pm

Meet Jim Hodges, historian, real-life cowboy, and a nationally respected public speaker! Hodges enjoys authoring books from his experiences and sharing stories with audiences from many corners of the world. Don’t miss his two exciting books:

Cathamor is a compilation of our family’s 19th Century immigration and Westward migration with the Mormons and others, based on my father’s exhaustive research for over 20 years. It is presented as fiction based on the true stories, and exactly as my father left it. In the preface, he explains his work in precise detail. This is a great textbook for the history of the American West for all ages.

Murder: Above Top Secret:  A gruesome torture style murder had taken place of a top-level electronic warfare developer, contracted to the United States federal government for the ultra – top-secret, Strategic Defense Initiative, AKA, “SDI”, and also known as, “Star Wars Defense Initiative”, a set of M.I.C. (Military Industrial Complex) war-tech, killer satellites. You will not read about this case in any book or newspaper, nor will you find it online. The author was the lead investigator. The case you will learn about is the real torture, and murder of Donald Charles Neil, however some of the names and locations have been changed to protect this case for prosecution of any future suspects that may be brought to trial. See if you can solve this roman a clef, and find the clues embedded in this tale of espionage, and Murder: Above Top Secret.

Get your copy at the Museum Shop or bring yours along for the him to sign.