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Hands on History | A Web Series

December 31 @ 5:30 pm - 5:45 pm

Episode 1:
Money, Money, Money:
History of Counting Money

The saying goes, money makes the world go ‘round. In this video, learn about the history of money in Texas. Dennis Jones shows examples of the Spanish real, the escudo, pieces of eight, and the “bit.” Learn about the importance, or unimportance of money, and how it was counted.

Episode 2:
Bang For Your Buck:
History of the Buck

If you had to choose between a dollar bill, a silver coin, and a deerskin, which would you choose? Your answer would probably be different as a settler of Texas. In this video, Dennis Jones explains how we got to the modern dollar bill, and why it is sometimes referred to as a “buck.”

Episode 3:
So You Want to Come to Texas?
You Better Know How To Start a Fire

Have you ever seen a tinder box? Learn how a fire was started in the beginning days of Texas settlement with a common, important tool – a tinder box.


Episode 4:
So You Want to Come to Texas?
You Better Bring Water

Water is a vital life source. During the Westward Expansion, a person’s access to water impacted the success of a journey. In this video, learn about the variety of canteens used in history to transport water and how much water affected settlement.

Episode 5:
Go West Young Man: Hardtack “The Survival Bread”

Learn all about the survival bread for travelers making a new home in Texas.

Episode 6:
The Importance of Salt in Texas

Before the introduction of refrigeration, salt was crucial in food preservation.  This episode looks at how salt enabled settlers to travel across the country and settle in a new land.

Episode 7:
Domesticating Grass in Texas

Without grass, there would be no sugar, bread, grazing animals or dairy products.  Learn all about the importance of grass to the settlement of the West.

Episode 8:
Firearms and Their Role in Settling the West

A crash course in what you need to bring with you to survive the trek across the country and settling in Texas.

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Date: December 31
Time: 5:30 pm - 5:45 pm