About Us

Our Mission

The Bryan Museum seeks to present the history of Texas and the American West in a comprehensive and inspirational way, creating informed and engaged citizens who are better equipped to meet the challenges of the 21st century. By transforming historical education through compelling stories and a world-class collection, we elevate the importance of our shared history as a source of wisdom and guidance for our institutions, our communities, and ourselves.

Our History

The Bryan Museum arose from humble beginnings. At age ten, J.P. Bryan acquired his first two pieces, a Moore’s Patent Front Loading Revolver and a Sharps Patent Four-Barrel Derringer. Both firearms still reside in the collection today.

While attending the University of Texas, Bryan started a rare book and printing business with a friend. It was during this period that he began focusing his collecting on Texana. He started with rare books, in which he had a keen interest. Bryan’s uncle, Judge Lewis Wilson of Brazoria County, willed his impressive collection of Texas literature to Bryan, providing him with a strong foundation.

From there, the collection expanded both rapidly and eclectically. With a focus on artists who lived during the West’s Golden Age or when “the dust was still settling,” the museum’s art collection presents a unique opportunity for visitors to personally experience that period of history.

In October 2013, J.P. and Mary Jon Bryan purchased the old Galveston Orphans Home in Galveston, Texas. After a careful restoration of the historic structure, The Bryan Museum opened in June 2015. With 20,000 square feet of exhibit space and lush, manicured grounds, it has become a Texas destination.

Museum Board of Directors

Alicia Bryan

J. P. Bryan

Fred Burns

John Crain

Joe Jaworski

Ed McMahan

Matthew Miller

Karl Rove

Roland Sledge

Joan Marshall (non-voting member)

Museum Board of Advisors/Delegados

Joe and Rebecca Jaworski, President
Blake and Lindsay McCrory, Secretary

John and Andrea Bryan
Susan Noe and Mike Wilson
Honorable Ken and Sara Wise
Honorable Geoff Connor
June Deadrick
Dancie and Jim Ware
Honorable Peter and Diane Taaffe
Sam and Doris Collins
John and Susan Schouest
David and Tiffany Montgomery
Armin and Gail Cantini
Rob and Katlyn Clark
Craig and Angela Brown
Ed McMahon and Hershey Grace
Hanson and Rome Street
Steve and Carmen Mataro
Honorable Jeff and Susannah Brown