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 Please enjoy the introductory video on the history of our building.

Video Presentations and Lectures

Famed Texas storyteller, photographer, publisher, book collector, archivist, and writer, Bill Wittliff producer of Lonesome Dove joined J.P. Bryan for a captivating conversation at the Bryan Museum.

Discover the story behind The Bryan Museum building.

Learn about three phases of The Galveston Orphans Home history told through the architectural element of the cornerstones.

Explore Galveston's extraordinary history from the Karankawa, through the 1900 Storm, and up to present day.

Recorded as the worst natural disaster in the United States, The Great Storm of the 1900s forever changed the course of history.

Learn the story behind one of our MOST POPULAR artifacts, the confederate violin shotgun.

Learn more about the Gun that Won the West

Our docent, Jack Evins, shares the story behind Santa Anna’s Letter to General Filisola sent after his capture at the Battle of San Jacinto.

Virtual After Hours with Gary Pinkerton: A new look at the Cherokee Code document.

Hidden History Series

Learn about the history of Juneteenth. Celebrate freedom!

Learn about the Hidden History of John Rufus Gibson.

War on Rats: The Bubonic Plague in Galveston Series

Join UTMB experts as they uncover the causes, treatments, and the discoveries about the Bubonic Plague in Galveston.

In this episode learn more about the causation of the Bubonic Plague in Galveston.

Hands on History: Web Series

Money, Money, Money: History of Counting Money: Ep. 1. The saying goes, money makes the world go ‘round. In this video, learn about the history of money in Texas. Dennis Jones shows examples of the Spanish real, the escudo, pieces of eight, and the “bit.” Learn about the importance, or unimportance of money, and how it was counted.

Bang for Your Buck: History of the Buck: Ep. 2. If you had to choose between a dollar bill, a silver coin, and a deerskin, which would you choose? Your answer would probably be different as a settler of Texas. In this video, Dennis Jones explains how we got to the modern dollar bill, and why it is sometimes referred to as a “buck.”


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More E-Books Coming SOON

  • Cabeza de Vaca: 4 Rugged Castaways
  • Saddles Across the Centuries
  • Of Gold and Souls
  • Texas Revolution: Chain of conflict
  • Texas Masters: Palettes of the Past
  • Remember the Alamo


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