$100/Class or
all 4 days $350 $175

June 7 – 10
9 AM – 12 PM

8-12 years


Pop Art Monday – Students get an insider’s view of the pop-art in the museum, learn about world famous pop-artists, and the origin of the genre. With bright colors and strong lines, pop-art style is iconic and so much fun to create! Students will have the opportunity to paint a fantastic pop-art piece of their own!

Landscape Tuesday – Whether it is the fields of East Texas or the desert of West Texas, landscape paintings have a way of transporting the viewer. The class will visit the museum’s Texas Masters Gallery and learn about Texas landscape artists and their artwork. Then, they will learn how to paint their own landscape!

Seaside Wednesday– Students will get a tour of our “Styling by the Sea” exhibit, featuring 140 years of swimwear. This exhibit includes fun and interesting insight into the history of swimwear and vacationing. After viewing the exhibit, students will create their very own beach-themed painting!

Fly By Thursday– Fly to The Bryan Museum for a workshop focused on birds! We will talk about the history and habits of birds that are native and migratory birds to Galveston. Students will explore the grounds and complete an activity focused on our avian friends. Then, they will have the opportunity to create their own painting based on one of the birds they learned about!