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Your generosity ensures that the Museum remains a vital force and continues to blaze a new trail in education, telling the amazing, high-adventure stories of the diverse men and women who came before, and inspiring new generations of students. 

Thank you for helping us continue to bring history to life!

Make a donation of $100 or more and receive a limited-edition solid brass 24K bright gold ornament depicting The Bryan Museum as a special thank you!


At The Bryan Museum the year seems to have flown by! It is once again the season to reflect upon the waning year and consider what we are thankful for and what is meaningful to us. We are grateful for the connections we have made with broad and diverse audiences of Museum goers (both live and virtual), the collaborations we have enjoyed with community partners, educators, and historians (to name a few), and the impact we are having on transforming history education through literacy in the state of Texas. These things are meaningful to us because we believe that history informs the future.

Think about how, in your life, you have learned a lesson through personal experience, often the hard way. Also, think about the times you were told stories of people and events in the past that you could relate to and applied these lessons in your own life. Wow! Life altering. History enlightens and guides us!

Please help us change people’s perception of history. We know that there is a message for everyone in the stories of Texas and the American West, so together let’s make it a compelling, relevant, and accessible adventure for all!

Please consider a year-end tax-deductible donation to The Bryan Museum. Your donation will go far in helping us assure that our shared history vibrantly lives on through our work:

  • The use of innovation and creativity to re-invigorate the teaching of history through literacy
  • Stewardship and preservation of our cultural assets, shared heritage, and historical memory
  • Research and scholarship in the pursuit of historical truth and excellence
  • Storytelling of all the diverse peoples who shaped our history
  • Delivering meaning and value to the audiences we serve

So, as the year comes to a close, we raise a cup of kindness to you and yours as we all participate in the ever-unfolding, never boring, often surprising story that is history!

Cheer and warm wishes from all of us at The Bryan Museum,

Melissa Williams Murphy