School and Youth Tour Opportunities

The Bryan Museum offers a variety of learning opportunities that encourage youth to recognize the history of Texas and the American West as relevant to the 21st century. We accomplish this by helping students recognize a personal connection through dialogue, sensory experiences, immersive activities and creative endeavors.

iWrite Historian’s Journal

This resource is free to download and can be used as a stand-alone or be paired with our 4th grade tours. Please find the list of guided tours offered at The Bryan Museum, below.

Guided Tours


Adventures in Texas History:

Targeted towards 4th graders, students will be guided through 4 galleries of artifacts and documents focusing on the history and exploration of Texas and the American West from Cabeza de Vaca’s explorations, colonization under Stephen F. Austin, and the Texas Revolution.

Trailblazing Texas History:

Designed for 7th graders, students will be guided through the extensive documents and artifacts in the Museum galleries for an in-depth study of the history of Texas and the American West during a time of shifting borders and allegiances.

Manifest Destiny:

High school US history students will explore the transformative process of the uniquely American concept of the westward expansion and exploration policy of Manifest Destiny.

Optional Hands-on Activity:

For an additional cost, a 45-minute hands-on component may be added to any of the standard tours.  Activities include activities such as carding/spinning, leatherworking, rope making/lassoing, butter making, and a scavenger hunt.

Masters of Texas Art:

Can be tailored for grades 4th through 12th.  Students will view original artwork and discuss the styles, themes, techniques, and mediums of western artists such as Frank Reaugh, the Onderdonks and Elisabeth Ney.  At the conclusion, students will create their own original artwork.

Exploring History Through Creative Writing:

Adaptable for grades 4th through 12th, this is a unique interdisciplinary opportunity that combines a traditional museum visit with creative writing. Using original objects found in the galleries, students will be challenged to explore history through the lens of personal connection and produce an original story.


Texas Ranger Hunt: Using a scavenger hunt format, 4th graders learn the timeline of Texas history as they search for unique historical items within the galleries.

Garden Hunt: A scavenger hunt through the Museum grounds in search of butterflies, sculptures, and other points of discovery. Free with any other tour.

Optional Tour Activities: Explore each gallery and dive deeper into certain significant artifacts in the Museum’s collection through this modern tool offering an amazing 3d experience. Now available to every Texas classroom through a free loaner program of Museum owned Oculus headsets, an easy website download onto your headsets, or viewing on YouTube for a traditional classroom experience.

How to Plan Your Tour

Private tours for school and children’s groups may be scheduled Wednesday through Sunday between 10:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. Special arrangements can be made for Tuesday, if other dates are filled.

We welcome Home Schoolers in groups of 10 or more for a guided tour. Only scheduled groups will receive special tour pricing. Drop-ins will be charged full admission.


  • Standard Tours: $5.00 per student. Typically last an hour. An optional 45 minute hands-on activity can be added for an additional $3.00. Choices include among others, carding/spinning cotton, leatherworking, butter making, lassoing, and weaving.
  • Masters of Texas Art and Exploring History through Creative Writing: $8.00 per student. Typically last 1 ½ hours.
  • Self-Guided Tours: $5.00 per student
  • For every 7 students, 1 ticket is compensated for a teacher/chaperone
  • Additional adults: $8.00
  • Admission waived for the coordinator and bus driver

Teacher Visits: If you are a teacher interested in the Museum as a potential field trip and you provide us with advance notice, you may visit with complimentary admission and meet with a tour coordinator.

For more information and/or to schedule your tour:
Call 409-220-3316