2023 Year End Appeal

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It has certainly been a BIG year here at The Bryan Museum! Through our educational programs, tours, events, and even breaking a Guinness World Record, we are providing opportunities for students of all ages to engage in history! Because of you, 1,000 students had the opportunity to write their own Texas story and become published authors and artists in our 7-foot I Am Texas book, now traveling all over the state of Texas. Thousands of students passed through the Museum’s doors on tours and enjoyed specialized programs that fit their age and school curriculum. Likewise, adult learners experienced exciting Texas history experiences through each of our exhibitions, galleries, and in-person and online speakers. So, it only seems fitting to extend our biggest and sincerest gratitude to you. THANK YOU for being a supporter of the Museum and of our plans to keep education at the cornerstone of everything we do in the development of The Bryan Educational Institute.

Our mission is to give students of all ages the chance to experience the stories of yesterday and write the stories of tomorrow. By making history fun and providing opportunities through competitions and hands-on workshops, we strive to create programs that reach the needs and desires of the next generation. As the year comes to a close, take this time to reflect on your own story, this chapter in your life, and how it fits into the overall big picture of our history.

What legacy will you leave behind?

Please consider a year-end tax-deductible donation to The Bryan Museum.

Make a donation of $250 or more and receive a limited-edition umbrella from The Bryan Museum.