Memorial Spotlight: Chalk

Those who know J.P. Bryan, founder of the Museum, know that he had a shadow – his best friend and loyal companion, Chalk. Chalk was a handsome Springer Spaniel of royal heritage and an exceptional dog who captured the attention and heart of all who crossed his path.  He was certainly beloved by the staff at The Bryan Museum and was not only the subject of a delightful children’s book based on the Museum’s collection, Chalk Talks Colors, but also a regular contributor to our first newsletter, Chalk Talk.  Chalk attended many events, lectures, and exhibit openings at the Museum and knew when it was time to go home – howling his decision until his master paid heed. He even outshone Santa Claus with the children at our annual Holiday Delights Festival. As a lover of cheese, crackers, and hors d’oeuvres, he was only fickle to J.P. if someone else was sharing a plateful.  Chalk enjoyed the Museum Gardens immensely and left his mark there as well. As one of our constituents so perfectly put it, “Love is often a four-legged word”.

It is, therefore, with a heavy heart that we bid Chalk adieu as his earthly journey has come to an end. We will miss our founding dog more than words can say and our thoughts and deepest sympathy are with J.P., Mary Jon, and family.