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The Auction

The Bryan Museum cordially invites you to participate in our online 2023 Gala Silent auction and Live auction featuring a trove of unique and rare art, artifacts, exclusive trips and priceless experiences. The GALA auction will benefit The Bryan Museum’s education and exhibition programs.

How to Register

In order to bid on the 2023 GALA Auction, you must register through the Online Auction Software.

The Auction Details

The auction is separated by silent and live auction segments.  For bidding opportunities, visit the online auction catalog. Please see below details on each auction segment:

Silent Auction – The 2023 GALA Silent Auction opens on March 3.
Live Auction – The 2023 Live Auction will begin at 8:30 p.m.

If you are not attending in person, you can set up proxy bidding by emailing Jessica Shofner at jessica@thebryanmuseum.org or by calling (409) 220-3023. Proxy bidding closes on Thursday, March 23 at 5 p.m.

Online Auction Catalog


Live Auction bidding occurs at the live event. You can set up proxy bidding by emailing Jessica Shofner at jessica@thebryanmuseum.org or by calling (409) 220-3023. Proxy bidding closes on Friday, March 24 at 10 a.m.



Silent Auction opens on Friday, March 3 and will be active through Saturday, March 25 at 8:00p.m.



As on Old 300 member, you will be recognized on a permanent wall at the Museum, invited to the Museum’s Annual Lecture Reception, receive premier access to The Bryan Museum’s most meaningful mission activities and opportunities, and will be recognized for your extraordinary commitment to preserving and promoting the history of Texas andthe American West.


Help bring The Bryan Museum’s educational
exhibits, curriculum, and artifacts to students
all over Texas with our Bryan Mini Museum.
Your donation provides school districts with access to visit the Museum without leaving their classrooms. These mini-museums provide teachers a hands-on-learning tool to hundreds of students that would not otherwise be able to visit the Museum in person. These interactive experiences are sure to make learning fun and exciting!


The Bryan Museum’s Preservation Fund is a restricted fund to help preserve and maintain the building’s infrastructure. As extreme weather conditions continue to create wear and tear on the historic building and grounds, your donation will help us seal windows, repair the original fence from 1895 and reinforce the brick composite of our exterior walls. Preservation of Alfred Mueller’s architectural gem will allow us to continue to house one of the most important collections of Texas and The American West in Galveston.